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Graeme Manley: John Rowan & Partners

Graeme was taken on by John Rowan & Partners as an intern and has now been given a permanent contract.

Q1: What have you been doing since you left university?

I graduated from Southbank University in the summer of 2009 having done a MSc in Building Surveying. There were very few graduate surveying positions available when I left university and I spent several months cold calling, emailing, and writing to companies asking for employment opportunities or even unpaid work experience.
I was frustrated that I’d done my degree and couldn’t continue my development as a building surveyor. So it wasn’t until May the following year that I had the opportunity to apply for a 3 month paid internship at John Rowan & Partners. After the 3 months my internship was turned into a permanent full time contract.

Q2: Did your fellow university colleagues find themselves in a similar position after graduation?

Quite a few of them were out of work for many months and some are still actively trying to pursue building surveying careers. I know of others who have decided they don’t want to work in the industry anymore and have gone back to university to do a different degree.

Q3: What were the main things you were doing during your internship?

I was actively involved in all aspects of building surveying. I was encouraged and afforded the responsibility of undertaking a diverse range of activities, normal building surveying roles, specification writing, condition reports, party wall issues, snagging and shadowing on-site meetings. I worked on a residential refurbishment in Clareville Street, defects management at Universal House, and party wall issues with a residential project in Shepherd’s Bush.

Q4: What have you enjoyed most during your time so far at John Rowan & Partners?

I’ve enjoyed it all really, but especially the work on the residential refurbishment at Clareville Street. I’ve also enjoyed working with the new build housing team on a project on Fortune Green Road and I’ve just come back from 2 months in Paris, working with the hotel and leisure team on the renovation of the Le Parc Hotel.

Q5: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge for me was Paris, operating in the deep end on a complex project. I’m on a good learning curve and it was a great experience over there. It was a big responsibility but I’ve had a lot of responsibility from day one; I’ve been allowed to lead site meetings and pre-commencement meetings for example but always had the support and guidance from my team.
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