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Matthew Globe: VINCI Facilities
Matthew completed a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leicester before starting a ten month placement at VINCI Facilities. He is now permanent Assistant Facilities Manager for VINCI Facilities.

1.What have you been doing since university?

After university I was applying to jobs and contacted VINCI Facilities, they managed to fit me in for a six month placement, when that ended they kept me on for another four months. Towards the end they decided to give me a permanent position within the company, which is where I am today.

2.What were the main things you were doing while on placement at VINCI Facilities?

In the first few weeks it was just a case of going around with engineers on maintenance visits, learning what they were doing and lending a hand when I could. After being there for six months I went to a bank which was in need of a quick turn around and I was basically the assistant project manager. I got a huge amount of experience on this project and I think my permanent position was a result of the work I put in to it.

3.What have you enjoyed the most while at VINCI Facilities?

Project management I think, making sure everything is happening on time and finding out the right information. That’s what I enjoyed the most, keeping everything moving.

4.What is the biggest challenge you have found so far?

Just being confident. I was quite a shy person and when you meet clients you need to be confident and know what you’re talking about. That was the biggest challenge but I have really developed in that area and that has just come from experience and support from the people I work with.

5.What else did the placement help with?

My degree was all about maths and theory but the placement showed me how that all fitted in the real world and on a practical level. The placement also helped with learning how to manage staff and relationships with clients.

6.Did your friends find themselves in a similar position after university?

Some friends from university have got jobs but not necessarily in engineering but I think it’s a case of getting what you can at the moment. Not everyone gets the opportunities that I have had; my placement at VINCI Facilities has completely changed my life.

7.What’s your general view of graduate employment at the moment?

I would say it’s picking up but it’s still quite bad. I think it’s initially getting the experience. Once you’ve got your foot in the door and people get to know you and see you working, the opportunities seem to follow. But its catch 22, how do you get the experience if everyone wants it in the first place?

8.What could companies do more to help?

Providing placements and going to universities to engage with prospective graduates. It’s all about getting the company name out there.

9.What advice would you give to students?

Take whatever opportunities you can. When I got the VINCI Facilities placement I had to move quite far away and I was only on a placement wage, but in the end it led to the good job that I have now, which is the career I really want. Even if it doesn’t look that good initially, it could lead to getting the job you want.

10.Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Hopefully in a higher position in VINCI Facilities. I really like working for the company and I would like to stay and work my way up.
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