We aim to build a community of people who are committed to our nation.
We believe in the power of the people to influence those elected to serve us.

Freedom, Equality, and Democracy

I promise to:

1. Promote the values of Freedom, Equality, and Democracy, the cultural inheritance with which I have been blessed. These values include:

• Freedom of speech, conscience, religion, and assembly.
• Equality under the law and of opportunity.
• Democracy through support for courageous, capable, and honest representatives.

2. Stand against Government, media, big-tech and commercial censorship, and de-platforming of those considered to have unacceptable views. This will include:

• Boycotting corporations that deny service based on a person’s views and taking my business to companies that pledge to uphold these values.

Censoring those with whom we disagree is the first step towards tyranny. We need the Government, media, big tech, and industry to stop the censorship and accept they do not get to decide which opinions and beliefs are acceptable.

Sovereignty of the people

I promise to:

3. Stand against Government overreach, to protect the freedoms of every citizen and, in so doing, honour the sacrifice of those who fought and died to save our nation from the tyranny of totalitarianism. This will include resisting:

• Government psychological operations that create fear as a pretext for taking away my freedoms.
• Policies that equip the Government and others to take further control of my life; for example removing cash and introducing a Central Bank Digital Currency.
• Policies that create dependency on the State rather than promoting hard work and self-reliance.

4. Fight the undemocratic influence of supra-national bodies like the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organisation and the European Union.

5. Defend the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the UK. This will include:

• Stopping all illegal migration
• Limiting legal migration to under 20,000/year and focusing on skills shortages from countries and cultures that are compatible with our Judeo-Christian heritage and culture.

Truth and humanity

I promise to:

6. Scrutinise what the media and Government tell me and seek truth.

7. Encourage respectful dialogue and reject extremism in all its forms.

8. Stand against all racism and antisemitism including anti-British bigotry and the disease of national self-loathing.

9. Stand against all hate and against any accusations of ‘hate’ used to silence me. including efforts to legitimize the term ‘Islamophobia’ to silence scrutiny of Islamic doctrines.

10. Take pride in Britain’s secular and Judeo-Christian religious traditions.

11. Reject the intimidation of divisive activists, from the State and from the Corporate world.

12. Speak up for truth, common sense and normality and speak out against the insanity of so-called “progressive” ideologies that spread division and hatred. This includes resisting the:

• Sexualisation of children, Transgender activists and their efforts to mutilate the minds and bodies of a generation of children
• Black Lives Matter Marxists
• Affirmative action that places equality of outcome before merit
• Denigration and erasure of British history

13. Cherish every human life as sacred.

14. Recognise marriage between one man and one woman is the ideal model for stable families and for society.

Nation building

I promise to:

15. Work hard, whatever my circumstances, to build our nation and its culture, for the prosperity and benefit of all.

16. Support those with vision, polices and investment agendas that:

• Build towards food, energy, utility infrastructure and technology security.
• Enable the industries of the future.
• Train people and reduce the dependence on imported and transient labour.
• Enable schools, hospitals and homes to be built to meet demand.
• Drive efficiency in the public sector including the Civil Service, local councils and the NHS.
• Incentivise work and reduce the size of the welfare state.

I will do all these things so the generations to come may continue to be free.
This is my solemn vow.

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We aim to build a community of people who are committed to our nation.
We believe in the power of the people to influence those elected to serve us.

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